Bernie Sanders Hasn’t Stopped Campaigning

Bernie Sanders, Politics

Campaigning of any kind is not easy. Bernie Sanders, the 75-year-old senator from Vermont, is still traveling around the United States campaigning almost as strong as he did when he was on the presidential campaign trail. Sanders is an independent with a love/hate relationship with the Democrats. He often votes with the Democrats, but he is quick to show his independent badge when needed. Hillary Clinton thought Sanders wouldn’t get very far in the Democratic race for president. But like most Americans who don’t know Bernie, she was wrong. Sanders was inches away from the Democratic nomination.

Sanders message about a single-payer health care plan still has Bernie on the campaign trail. And he is ready to put a “Medicaid for all bill” up for a vote in the Senate. Bernie is not the kind of guy who loses and hides until the smoke clears. Sanders is the kind of person who believes in helping people get insurance and keep it. He is fighting as hard as any Democrat to stop the Republicans from repealing the Affordable Healthcare Act in the Senate.

Bernie is not a storyteller. And he is a no-nonsense, blunt statistic type speaker who calls it like it is. He is not afraid to call out the wealthy bureaucrats who control things in Washington. He is a champion of the hourly worker and a hero to the Baby Boomers hitting the retirement scene. He works for all Americans. But he’s not holding any benefits nor is he accepting any special treatment from any lobbying group or wealthy corporation.

“The Bern” is still fighting, and the Democrats are beginning to listen to him. He’s like the relentless old man who found the secret to a long and healthy life, and he wants to share the secret with the world. But the world is too busy thinking about the mess Trump and other politicians put in their way. All the world can see is bickering and feuding over health care plans that will not help the people.

Relentlessness is the gift Bernie Sanders is giving to the people. He is also giving them hope and the message that the system stinks, and only the people can fix it. Sanders will probably be too old to run for president in the next election, according to some political pundits. But Bernie has the energy and the desire of men in their fifties. Bernie may not be out of contention unless he wants to be and by the look of things he’s all in now.

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