As Amazon’s Market Influence Grows, Marketers Scramble for Tailor-Made Strategies Grows

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Amazon’s significant growth is attributed to its generic strategies for a competitive edge. Sitting at the behemoth of online retail platforms, Amazon has proved to be a stiff competitor, trampling other globally renowned heavyweights like Walmart. With its continued global outreach, marketing experts have begun to discover just how valuable the online retailer is in creating product awareness.

The influence that Amazon’s growth has among many Americans cannot go unnoticed. This quick expansion has evoked another side of the marketing industry.

While many businesses thrive in Amazon’s ecological systems, advertisement companies are becoming more innovative in the services they offer clients, in the bid to tap into the business opportunities of Amazon’s fast-growing universe. That implies; adding embellishments such as recipes and magazine-style images to their product promotion pages developing innovative ways to compel consumers to post reviews on Amazon and scheming how firms can get in touch with people who are heavy users of tools such as the vocal “Echo.”

Aware of its growing influence, Amazon is swaying firms to purchase more ads through its robust media group, based on the argument that: Utilizing an ad on Amazon creates a direct link between product awareness and its actual purchase.

John Denny, the Vice President of for E-Commerce at Bai Brands, a beverage company seconded the notion: “The perception of your product on Amazon and in the Amazon fraternity in rating has a high influence on the growth of your brand. Ultimately, if you are successful on Amazon, you win. And this is the realm that marketers ought to entirely engross themselves in.”

Over the years, there has been an evident paradigm shift, and today there are search engines and social media platforms. A considerable number of marketing pros are inclined to think that most ad agencies will continue strife to develop a similar service litany as that of Amazon.

The shift has influenced consumer behavior. For instance, Amazon’s product page featuring a whey protein supplement for Optimum Nutrition was compiled by the Tombras Group in Knoxville, that until recently, has concentrated on Amazon-focused services.

Tombras Executive Vice President, Dooley Tombras the agency sends products to renowned Amazon reviewers with prospects that the product will elicit positive comments. Additionally, the group organizes “guerilla sampling,” through events where products are handed over to standby teams with smartphones and iPads, so they comment on the spot.

Amazon has been at the helm of the online shopping platform, and marketing professionals now understand the critical role in creating awareness about a product and its purchase. Sarah Hofstetter, CEO of 360i couldn’t have put it better when she said that Amazon is nothing uncommon, and has been operational for decades, only that today, it is becoming more powerful in niche pursuits.

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