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SpaceX cancels Falcon 9 rocket launch again


SpaceX cancelled the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket the second time in as many days with the latest one caused by an automation system.

The launch was scrapped with less than 10-seconds to liftoff. The Falcon 9 rocket was to carry Instelsat SA, a commercial communication satellite into space. The launch was reportedly aborted by an automated system.

The first attempt was aborted on July 2, Sunday. The rocket was set to blastoff from NASA’s Kennedy Space Station in Florida, but it was also scrapped just at T-10 before the launch. In the second attempt, scheduled for Monday, the launch was shifted to 8.35pm EDT from the decided time 7.37pm EDT.

During the latest launch, there were no technical hiccups that were noted by the engineers until the last minute when the machine stopped abruptly leading to an automatic halt. The SpaceX engineer will continue with their investigations to detect and fix any hitch.


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