Trump’s Innate Insensitivity Hasn’t Hit Bottom Yet

Politics, President D. Trump

Donald Trump wants to be the Ronald Reagan of the 21at century. According to Trump, he has all the right qualities to be a movie and television star. But some people say he is the male version of a woman who lets it all hang out on the Real Housewives of New York. Okay. There is something running wild in his thinking mechanism. But he is the epitome of a man living his reality his way. And he doesn’t mind creating fantasies in that reality to keep people guessing about his real intentions.

Putting Trump’s intentions aside for a moment, it’s easy to see that Mr. Trump is a capitalist with grand capitalistic dreams. He talks about changing the money and battle game in the UN, NATO, and the European Union. And some experts say, he is accomplishing that goal because he has the attention of those organizations.

Trump likes to fire people. It gives him that invincible reality star feeling that claims all the credit and reaps most of the rewards. And with a hairstyle that only Liberace could love, he is the ultimate salesman. He knows how to work a crowd. His inner snake oil salesman comes to the surface in front of a camera, and he morphs into a hybrid version of Joe Pesci, with a healthy dose of Bernie Madoff slickness mixed into every word. He gives the audience a healthy dose of the Donald J. Trump philosophy which is to speak before his brain computes what he said. That piece of artistry is a bottom feeder tactic that attracts other bottom feeders while the rest of the world tries to endure the pain.

Trump’s lack of sensitivity is acute by anyone’s standards. His display of sympathy for the Hurricane victims was more an afterthought than a heartfelt “we feel your pain” moment. His lack of respect for the mayor of San Juan gave Mr. Trump a Don Rickles moment of poor taste, lack of compassion, and off-center remarks. There seems to be no bottom when it comes to Trump’s insensitive nature. He feels better when he can play the role of King and President at the same time.

The Puerto Rico crisis and the silent protest in the National Football League put Trump on a political barbeque skewer. His approval rating is heading in the wrong direction, and his political party wants to see him implode. The voters who gave Trump a chance to show the world who he really is, now know who he is, and they still follow the Trump presidential sideshow. And in Trump’s insensitive world that’s real progress.

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