Hillary Clinton’s New Book Is Stirring A Pot Filled With Dread And Expectations

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The 2016 election was a political show-stopper. Donald Trump put on his best “Celebrity Apprentice” suit and went for the knockout punch. And that punch is still being felt around the world. Trump hit Hillary Clinton with the force of a dirty Hurricane Irma, and she is still trying to clear the nasty debris and the insulting cobwebs out of her mind. Hillary didn’t just lose the election. She lost the respect and the support of many Democratic leaders. Some historians say Hillary will go down in history as the women who lost the presidency because she didn’t pull off her liberal gloves and tear Trump’s slimy agenda to pieces.

Clinton’s new book, “What Happened” is Hillary’s attempt to explain why she lost the election. Even though publisher, Simon and Schuster, is not releasing the book for another week, it is on top of the Amazon best-seller list. The Democrats who believe Hillary was the clear winner are expecting a detailed and honest explanation from Hillary, and that explanation will absolve her from any wrong-doing. The Democrats who say Clinton is living in the past and can’t get her act together enough to move forward are dreading the release.

But like all books written by a famous personality, “What Happened” is already causing a wave of questionable comments. Clinton said Bernie Sanders attacked her progressive credentials, and that was one reason she lost. She didn’t attack Bernie at the time because President Obama told her not to go there. Bernie response to Clinton’s remarks was, “she needs to move forward and stop arguing about 2016.” Mrs. Clinton also wrote about James Comey. She said Comey sapped the energy out of her campaign by bringing up her email debacle. Comey is the reason Trump’s “crooked Hillary” remarks did so damage, according to Mrs. Clinton. In her mind, Comey is one of the villains who stole her chances of being elected.

The New York Times coverage of the election didn’t help her either. She said the Times relentless, negative coverage shares some of the blame with Comey and Sanders. But Sanders and Comey aren’t the only people who brought her down. She bashes Putin for Russia’s interference in the election, and she even attacks Obama for telling her to lay off Sanders. Clinton admits she is to blame for running a passionless campaign. Clinton thinks her gender was her demise, and she still not over the lost. But the gender thing is not accurate, according to people familiar with the election. They say she lost to a sexist candidate because she wasn’t prepared to fight him on his level.

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