The FBI Raided Former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort’s Home

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President Trump continues to rattle his nuclear sword to scare North Korea. World leaders are not happy about the nuclear sword waving. The leaders of New Zealand and Australia believe Trump is making matters worse, and other world leaders agree with them.

The recent sanctions against North Korea will hurt China as well as North Korea since North Korea does a lot of business with its red neighbor. China thinks the North Korea threats are empty threats, but the more Trump tries to fight fiery words with more fiery words, the more dangerous the situation becomes.

North Korea put Guam in its strike sights, according to a recent Reuters report. Guam is depending on the United States to get the situation under control. Some White House insiders say John Kelly could help get that done if Trump lives up to his promise to give Kelly room to operate. But Trump’s recent tweet about North Korea shows Trump is still shooting from the hip without taking his Chief of Staff’s advice.

The North Korean situation is not the only fly in Trump’s ointment for political success. The FBI just raided one of Paul Manafort’s homes, and the Feds found a cache of interesting documents. Those documents may help Robert Mueller’s investigation in the Russian interference with the election debacle. The FBI raid was one those clandestine raids in the predawn morning hours without prior notice. Manafort is co-operating with the investigation. He claims he has nothing to hide.

The raid could be a tactic to unnerve Trump. Trump is not happy about the investigation because Mueller will not only investigate election tampering, he will also get into Trump’s personal business transactions with Russia. There is a strong sense that the Trump camp took advantage of foreign political bots to hurt the Clinton camp. The Clinton camp is not innocent when it comes to using bots to sway people’s opinion and to take political sides. But according to researchers who were paying attention to the bot tweets and other social media fake news, Trump’s camp was five times as effective as the Clinton camp. The bots did not come from either camp. They came from unknown operatives in foreign countries as well as from groups in the United States.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is still saying Americans are safe. Americans should sleep well at night, according to Tillerson. The situation has not gotten worse since the recent sanctions, and the recent Trump’s tweets.

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