Ivanka Trump Tweets her Support for Anti-Racism Protesters in the US

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There is no doubt that Trump’s rhetoric has been quite divisive. Many Americans have come out in droves to protest and denounce actions taken or words used by this newly-minted President.

The latest scandal is centered around the tragedy in Charlottesville where white supremacists marched in unison, and one of them drove a car into counter-protesters. One protester died during that tragic event, and it was up to the President to issue a statement that would unite the country, but Trump failed to do so. The president seemed to believe that both sides, the white supremacists and counter protesters, were equally to blame. Trump sees no difference between those who do not agree with racism versus those who do.

These statements made matters worse for the President and made Ivanka’s support for the anti-racism demonstration seem more poignant. Invanka is seen as a voice of reason within the President’s cabinet, and she praised anti-racists demonstrations that took place after the events in Charlottesville.

It should be noted that Ivanka did not denounce her father’s statements nor did she mention Charlottesville events specifically. It appears that she is attempting to walk a fine line where she does not contradict her father but also helps re-brand Trump’s name in the wake of his controversial remarks.

Still, it is clear that Trump’s family has a hard time denouncing hate demonstrations involving white supremacists since it takes them a long time to talk about it. Trump immediately denounces hate crimes involving people from the Middle East. This is something that has been pointed out by political pundits numerous times, yet it does not seem to change Trump at all.

There are some who gleefully accepted and shared Ivanka’s words though there are likely a few Americans out there who probably feel like her stance against racism was not strong enough.

The President himself did mention the anti-racism demonstrations that took place throughout the country after Charlottesville. In his statements, he took time to praise the police in the way they handled protesters and in keeping the peace. The President also praised these protesters and their fight against racism and bigotry.

Who is to say if the American people are going to accept these words as genuine or if the American people have already made up their minds about this President and the sympathy he seems to feel for white supremacists.

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